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To demonstrate how his new book, "The End of Stress", can change your life, Don Goewey will show you how to rid your day of worry.


Slika abortiranog fetusa On this page I discuss anything and everything relating to pathology of the human body. This includes super controversial topics like abortion. This is a topic I welcome discussion on. This is an abortion at 10 weeks. I was sent this photo by the father of the fetus. This abortion was performed and the tissue was given to the patient to take home. My first question to him was- where was this? Because I know this would be illegal in the United States. He told me and it was in another country. The woman took this home and fished these pieces out of the tissue which you can identify as limbs. This is exactly why I'm the United States any specimen is not sent home with the patients, we can not trust what they will do with it! This relates to anything removed from the body, not just abortion or miscarriage tissue. It can be traumatizing to the patient as well as a biohazard. What are your thoughts on this? Please no attacking each other. We are just here to learn and have an open discussion!


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